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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Technology Transfer & Routes of Technology Technology Transfer

What is technology transfer ? Briefly discuss various routes of technology transfer. Give an example of specific route of technology transfer as adopted by an organisation.

Ans : Basically there are two ways of acquiring new technology : first is Develop it or purchase it; the second way of acquiring technology is commonly called “Technology Transfer”

The important reasons for purchasing technology are :

a) It involves little or no R & D investment.

b) Technology can be used quickly; and

c) Technological and financial risks are often quite low.

There are also good reasons for selling technology, such as :

a) Increasing return on investment

b) Technology may not have immediate use.

c) Technology has already been utilised up to its limit.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Technology in Business Strategy

Role of technology in designing the business strategies of a firm ? discuss how technology has become an integral part of business unit ?

Ans : The word ‘technology’ comes from two Greek words – ‘techne’- the skill or craft needed to make something and ‘logos’ (discussion or knowledge of something). So technology means knowledge of how something is made.

Technology seems to be the most widely today in industrial world and several words or nomenclatures connected with technology are in vogue. These includes Research & Development, invention, technology development, technology strategies, technology forecast technology assessment, technology planning, technology information, technology transfer, technology absorption and adaptation, Industrial property systems, code of conduct and technology management. It is difficult to find so exact definition for technology, for it has been defined in many ways.

One definition identifies ‘technology’ as an application of knowledge that leads to production and marketing of goods and services. According to Betz, Technology develops business by providing technological knowledge for the goods and services that a firm produces. Technology innovation implies new technology creating new products and services – hence new business opportunity. Managing technology means using new technology to create a competitive advantages which is quite a difficult Job; partly due to differing cultures in a company.


Monday, January 24, 2011

Technology Information

What is Technology Information ? Explain various sources of Technology Information ?

Ans: Technology information in simple terms means information on technology. This brings up two questions : what is information and what is technology. Information is referred to as a communication of facts results, ideas and thoughts. The ‘technology’ essentially means ‘know how’ that is ways of designing, manufacturing or utilising things. It can also defined as the know how to transform concepts into goods and services for the satisfaction of customers. It is a broad form of resource endowment and embodiment of knowledge for production of goods and services.

Technology is imbibed in various forms; the most common of this could be identified in the machines used for manufacture or the skills that are transformed through human beings. These forms would comprise know-how, know-why, technological processes designs, drawings, specifications, computer programmes and other information besides, industrial training, intellectual property rights etc.


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