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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Explain the meaning and concept of HRM. Discuss the function of HR in your organization or any organization you are familiar with.

Ans :

Meaning of HRM :

Human Resource Management(HRM) is a process of bringing people and organization together so that the goals of each are met. It is that part of the management process which is concerned with the management of human resources in an organization. It tries to secure the best from people by winning the whole hearted cooperation.

HRM may be defined as the art of procuring, developing and maintaining competent workforce to achieve the goals of an organization in a effective and efficient manner.

According to Invacevich and Glueck, “ HRM is concerned with the most effective use of people to achieve organizational and individual goals. It is a way of managing people at work, so that they give their best to the organization.

Concept of HRM : 
HRM is a strategic approach to the acquisition, motivation, development and management of the organisation’s human resources.It is a specialized field that attempts to deriving an appropriate corporate culture, and introducing programmes which reflect and support the core values of the enterprises and ensure its success.

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